AI Enthusiast

I love developing new AI technologies - like starttf - to speed up development.

On the left hand is a visualization of the kitti dataset. It shows a vehicle which is surrounded by a bounding box and a road wich is marked with pink color. On the right hand side is an image of a small robot (betelgeuse) driving between two rows of corn with very little navigation space. The robot sprays water on a pink golf ball.



I love developing tools and algorithms which have a real impact. Therefore whatever I do has a purpose. This purpose can be working in a community or testing new ideas at a hackathon or competition. Having participated in numerous competitions I won several prizes together with friends and colleagues:

  • 1. Robotour 2015, Pizek (CZ)
  • 1. Freestyle Field Robot Event, Braunschweig
  • Special Price: Sick Robot Day 2016, Waldkirch
  • 1. Gesamtsieg Field Robot Event, Edgmond (UK)
  • 1. Hack the Gripper (by Schunk), Karlsruhe
  • 2. Sick Robot Day 2018, Waldkirch
  • 1. Deeptech-AI - Uniserv Challenge, Karlsruhe
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    Developing projects alone is half the fun. Therfore, I joined kamaro-engineering developing robots for agricultural purposes during my studies at kit. For our robot I developed localisation, SLAM and perception systems.

    Beyond my work at kamaro-engineering and my work at a research institute I developed a deep learning framework, to help writing clean and fast code using tensorflow. StartTF is a python library that eliminates tensorflow boilerplate code whilst in contrast to keras still giving you full control of the process.

    Since I profit a lot from the open source community, I try to give back my knowledge to the community in Talks at local conferences and in slack channels.



    Over the years I have worked with several technologies on multiple tasks. The ones I enjoyed working with the most are:

  • Tensorflow, Keras, Caffe
  • ROS
  • Python, Java, C#, C++
  • Cars, Quadcopters, Robots
  • Laserscanners, Cameras
  • GPU Cluster, RaspberryPI
  • ESP8266, ESP32
  • 3d Printers
  • WebApps, JS, HTML
  • AI is not the only thing I love, RC Modeling and Kitesurfing are my other passions.
    An image of my old kite. There is a grassy beach in the foreground and water with a few white waves in the background. My kite waits upside down on the beach for wind. Behind the kite there is a small boat at the coastline.

    Contact Me

    Feel free to contact me. I love talking and thinking about AI Technologies (including my github projects), Kitesurfing or RC Modeling. If you have questions on any project I work on feel free to contact me as well, I am happy to help.

    You can reach me via github or via e-mail (guess the mail from the url of this site).

    Let's shape the future together.
    An image of a lake near Karlsruhe. It is a very peacefull place. No trace of humans. In the foreground on the left there is some tall grass. It is a warm summer day with only a few clouds.